Friday, May 14, 2010

Interlude ...


"In the spring I shed my skin and it blows away with the changing wind..."
- Florence and the Machine

It seems unlikely that you all out there in the mysterious ether would actually miss me, but I suspect you may have noticed my absence, if only in passing. While I like to imagine a grandiose and literarily astounding collection of language I would title "The Triumphant Return" marking my re-emergence as an active blogger, it seems it is not to be. Instead I will try to generate a groundswell of interest by gurgling unimpressively back up to a reasonable level of output for the duration of the summer at least. As such, I have for you a silly little story I wrote a couple of years ago, which I just recently found again. Enjoy:

This morning when I woke up, I found written on the refrigerator with our multi-colored alphabet magnets:

"Rape giraffe's furiously
give no quarter."

I chuckled, "who the hell wrote that?" I asked.
"You did," replied the refrigerator, "yesterday."
"Oh yeah." I took out a grapefruit and my knife and sat down at the table.
I snapped open my knife and sliced the rind of the grapefruit along a vertical equator. This was a good grapefruit. The rind was thick and came off in two perfect hemispheres. The mist that sprayed as the rind separated from the insides was sharp in my nose. Breathing deeply, I set the two hemispheres aside. The fruit was still encased in the Tenacious White Membrane characteristic of grapefruit. In this case the membrane was particularly thick (it was, as I have mentioned, a particularly good specimen0. A simple X incision and I was able to peel it open like a flower, exposing the deep pink flesh beneath.
"Are you going to eat me?" it asked.
"You will still exist as a gentle whisper in my mind."

Well I guess it isn't really a story. But here are some pictures:

Also you should go here to look at other pictures: